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Dec 10, 2012 4:00am PST
is prime to buy another company. what that means for the stock. andrew keene, president of, joins us now for a closer look at cisco systems. good morning, and what do you think about this stock? > > it is interesting. it's trading at $19.35, which is above the major moving averages - the 100-, 150-, the 200-day is right around this $18.50- $18.80 level. so that is positive. however, it has gotten up to $19.75 and found sellers at that level, so it is kind of trading right in the middle. tom chambers came out and said he would be interested in buying more companies. we looked at hpq, which is one of their competitors, bought autonomy, and that was an absolute disaster. so, do they want to dilute their p/e? they are currently trading at about a 12 p/e. if they go into the cloud space, that might help them in the future. however, right now that is going to make their p/e rise a lot, because they are going to be buying a company with a forward p/e of 40 or 50. so it's very interesting. i am going to keep a close eye on this one. > the stock is up what? abou
Dec 3, 2012 4:00am PST
. let's say good morning to andrew keene, president of happy monday. good morning angie. you're here to talk about zillow. hedge fund billionaire ken griffen of citadel bought 1.6 million shares in that stock. would you buy that stock? it actually had a really interesting day. it basically opened up and closed on the high. the thing i like most about this company---the one thing i don't like about this company---you would think when home sales are doing better, when consumer confidence is getting better than expected, people are starting to spend money, buy houses, construction sales are better than expected.this stock would be going from the bottom left to the top right. it's going the opposite way. it looks like its headed lower, however, short interest is 91 percent. i think i get on everytime we have short interest. last week we talked about green mountain coffee and if green mountain can get through 32. that could get to 40 so the shorts got roasted in green mountain. the shorts are getting roasted in zillow. it has a 52 week low of 21 dollars. two eas
Dec 21, 2012 4:00am PST
and andrew keene. good to see you guys. ready, set - round one: mc- recovery. one of the best stocks of 2011, mcdonald's, stalled this year. are you lovin' or hating it? > > i'm hitting it. i will tell you three reasons why i don't like mcdonald's: number one, they have currency problems. they can't convert their money back to the u.s. > > you can hedge it. > > ok, have they been able to hedge it? > > you can hedge it. i'm not saying they did. ok, what's the second one? > > the second one, increased competition. you loved yum! brands. that's huge competition against mcdonald's. > > it's mcdonald's! you can only get a mcrib at mcdonald's. what's number three? > > number three is their dollar menu is hurting their profit margin. > > i think there is going to be a global recovery, and i think more people are going to be utilizing mcdonald's, particularly after everyone was so concerned about the europe slowdown this year. that hasn't happened. the euro is surging back. this was a top-five stock in the dow two years in a row before this year. > > two years ago! 2011. we're not in 2011 an
Dec 7, 2012 4:00am PST
as pro traders alan knuckman and andrew keene go unplugged from the cme trading floor. good morning guys. round number one: cliff climb. as corporations offer dividends now to avoid potential taxes next year, larry ellison from oracle will get $198 million from a special dividend. should investors buy or sell oracle? > > you see a lot of people chasing into these special dividend stocks. you see costco, dillard's, some of the casino stocks, people chasing in to try to get that special dividend. i don't really think it's a play. i am not trading it. > > i like this stock, but i think it is a bit ridiculous for him to save $50 million when he is worth $41 billion- > > top 10 in the world, i think. > > $41 billion! that is a little bit ridiculous. but, the stock has been trading in a range between $30 and $33 in july, looking like it wants to break out to these recent highs at $36. so a $29 call for july of next year- > > but you're not going to get the dividend. > > -is going to cost you- > > but you're not going to get the special dividend. > > -$4. the dividend has nothing to do wit
Dec 14, 2012 4:00am PST
trading floor: pro traders alan knuckman and andrew keene. good morning guys. > > good morning angie. > > morning angie. > round one: lucky 7's - 7.7%. that's the unemployment rate. it's at its lowest level in 4 years. is that good or bad for the markets? > > i think it is good for job searchers, but i think it's bad. if we're looking for more stimulus or monetary action, i think it's a very positive sign. > > it's good maybe compared to spain, which is 25%, but it matters what kinds of jobs they're doing. we need economic value. if they are working at starbucks, if they are working at retail stores, that is not really providing for the economy. > > it's getting better. what andrew's forgetting- > > getting better? it's the lowest it's been since obama has been president, yes, but historically it's extremely high. > > a lot of people are leaving the workforce- > but is it good for the stock market? is it good for the stock market? > > it could have a muted effect- > > if it keeps going down, then it's good. but if it stays at 7.7%, it's not good. > round two: stocking up on confidenc
Dec 28, 2012 4:00am PST
unplugged of 2012. ready to rumble from the floor of the cme group, alan knuckman and andrew keene. we are looking forward to your parting shots of the year. good to have you on the show. round 1) hero or zero - apple stock is down 25%-plus from its $700 top. what's the best way to bite that apple? > > apple is going lower next year, and i can give you a handful of reasons why it's going lower. you want these reasons? a) they are cannibalizing their own product. every person that buys an ipad mini takes away 25% from the tablet market. > > the question was where do you buy apple? if you don't want to buy it here, where do you buy it? > > $380, the opening of 2012. > > so you're waiting for it to go down to $380? > > yes. > > ok. a more conservative play than missing out on the whole game is to go into the qs. the qs are trading right now at $64, and apple makes up about 10% of the qs' valuation, so if you can lean on $62, which is the halfway level, you've got to understand- > > what's the catalyst though? > > technology shares are still- > > what's the catalyst? the tv is not coming o
Dec 20, 2012 3:00pm EST
terms of what this means for people's money, in terms of electronic trading. andrew keene, you're an independent trader at the cboe in chicago. do you see changes happening as a result of these two players getting together and if in fact we were to see more consolidation? >> yeah. obviously we're going to see a lot more consolidation. i think the one that is going to be a big target for a takeover is the cboe. they have two great derivative products, the cboe that's a fixed and the s&p 500 options. the cme tried to buy the cboe in 2009 and couldn't do it for regulation problems. i think going forward to the cb o'is going to be a target that everybody is going to look at that can really help. the deal between the i.c.e. and the new york stock exchange is a win, win, win. they all win. all the exchanges win except for the cme. the cm sze losing volume from their interest rate products. the cboe has done great volume for the vix product, and i think this is a takeover candidate going forward. >> what happened to the cme then? is there an acquisition? >> they have to make a move. >> i
Dec 4, 2012 3:00am PST
with keen insight. >> how old is andrew? >> he's 21 now. >> if you don't mind my asking, how old did you know -- >> it wasn't as well known then as it is now and we couldn't figure it out and i actually went to a pediatrician and kate was there and pediatrician asked what's going on? how you doing? doing fine. and then i just talked about -- she asked how joey was and andrew. and i said oh, andrew is trying to figure out. we were trying to figure out and i talked about three more minutes, he goes, he's got asperger's, look it up on the internet. and they list 20 things and andrew was 20 out of 20. but it was a great relief for us because we'd been pulling our hair out for five or six years and you realize you can do social clues. anyone with a son or daughter with asperger's, keep them away from video games and tv as much as possible. make them interact, teach the social clues and cues because it really makes a huge difference. andrew, i have seen such an awakening in andrew. you know, we were told by one person that when andrew was in middle school, he wouldn't graduate from hig
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8